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The Federation of Filipino Communities and Associations in Italy/Europe (Federfil-Italy HQ), is an International organization, Non profit and Humanitarian, dedicated and is geared to finally bind, building better Leaders and members in reaching the Filipino Migrant’s Concern in Socio-Cultural, civic, religious, welfare protection and Political or non Political awareness, with more than 60 Filipino Community members in Italy and 5,000 members in Social media (Facebook) globally and its now in extension in all parts of Europe.


Our aim is to develop and inspire professionals, effective leadership and responsible Pinoy Migrants citizenship, and we do  that by;


  • Working in line with Socio-Cultural activities of the established Filipino Communities and Associations in Italy and Europe.
  • Formulate, initiate, facilitate and support development programs which include, but not limited to, socio-cultural programs, training skills well being awareness and formation of individual leaders.
  • Advocating on behalf of Filipino Migrants, and members before the House of Representatives (Philippine Congress) and the Upper House of the Philippine Senate.
  • Holding National and International events, includes Annual Congressional Forum for OFW.
  • Medical Missions both (Host Country and back home).
  • Facilitate in the Operation of any Religious event in Catholic and non-Catholic sector (ex. Jubilee year).
  • Offering Free Jobs in territorial limits responsibility of Federfil-Italy (and later Europe)
  • Providing professional designations that after of recognition of OFW-Achievements (ex.OFW-Awards)
  • Publishing and Award winning Magazine in Federfil-Activities and achievements.
  • Facilitate Free Legal Consultation in Penal,Civil Case and Migrants Labor Laws..

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